we offer

Advertising services, web-pages and programming, social, media and digital marketing, prints, printing and decorating designs. Highest quality SSD hosting.

Advertising services

Promotional video clips and corporate movies

High quality advertising, making the concept of story and scenario, as well as making documentary, corporate, short feature films and his full services.

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2D-3D Graphic Animation

Modeling, visualization, rendering, animation, televisions packing - hats, partitions, creative solutions and more..

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ADVERTS.GE - advert websites network

We will create interactive animated advertisements and place your website in our network.

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Websites and Programming

Web Sites and development

Web design, web-programming, CMS - Content Management system, online sales modules and merchant installation, search engine optimization, social network integration, content management, blogs and further technical support.

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Mobile applications and programming

Complex software solutions, mobile applications & their services, programs integration into web site and more.


Prices and packages

Promo - From - 1000 Gel

Business or internet store site - From - 3000 Gel

Exclusive or animated site - From - 8000 Gel

If the site is ordering, we will be hosting 1 year free of charge (ssd-hosting Minimal)

Social media - Digital Marketing

Social networks and Development

Advertising Planning and Placement, Defining Advertising Budget and Targeting (Targeting) Advertising in Social Networks.

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SEO - Optimization (Search Engine Optimization)

Superior positions in search engines, optimize site navigation and structure standards, increase awareness of target audience and brand, attract sales of resources, decrease advertising budget.

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Targeted Contextual advertising, web analytics

We Can Create and popularize contextual advertising content in search engines, placement with well known contextual advertising brands and select keywords for specific resources. web analytics. attracting target audience and increase brand awareness.

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Printing and decorating 3D design

Print design

Branding and rebranding, high quality catalog, calendar, magazine, book design, adverts promo.

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Outdoor advertising

Outdoor advertising and signage design, design and distribution of flyers.

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Interior, exterior 3D design and TV decorations

Design of interior, exterior and TV decorations (realistic 3D animated graphics with work drawings and design).

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Web Space - 1GB
Email - 10
Traffic limit - 500 გბ
Additional domain  - 1
MySQL Database - 1
Control Panel - cPanel - WHM

Month - price 5 Gel 
If you order a site - one year for free!


Web Space - 2გბ
Email - 50
Traffic limit - Unlimited
Additional domain - 5
MySQL Database - 5
Control Panel - cPanel - WHM

Month - price 10 Gel 


Web Space - 5გბ
Email - Unlimited
Traffic limit - Unlimited
Additional domain -10
MySQL Database -10
Control Panel - cPanel - WHM

Month - price 21 Gel  


Web Space - 10 გბ
Email - Unlimited
Traffic limit - Unlimited
Additional domain - Unlimited
MySQL Database - 100
Control Panel - cPanel - WHM

Month - price 40 Gel